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How do we Function?


One of the functions of the Driven Men's Ministry to support other ministries within the church. When a ministry has an event, or a project that needs some backbone...we are there. In the near future we will work closley with the new Life Care Ministry we have here at lakeside, aswell as any other ministry that needs our hands.


Another way we function is through a meeting or a gathering. We may have food, a little socializing and a time of devotion. Spending time together brings us closer as brothers in Christ. In the past we have had men's retreats and we will have more of those in the future.


The third way we function is church maintence and construction. If you have been around Lakeside anytime at all, you know we are constantly renovating, or adding on, or changing something. Pretty much all the heavy lifting is done by the men of the church. Not to leave the women out, but most of the labor intense work is done by this group of men here at lakeside church.

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